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ENGL 2H - BEAM-ing Your Research (Turner)

Learning Outcomes

Through the exercises in today's class, you will:

  • recognize that you are entering into an ongoing scholarly conversation and not a finished conversation
  • seek out conversations taking place in your research area

Hopefully, through the process of grappling with the arguments you find today, when you write your research paper you will:

  • see yourself as a contributor to scholarship rather than only a consumer of it

We'll start with a story.

Sample Scholarly Conversation

Thinking About Scope for an 8-10 Page Paper

Indicators that the scope of your topic may be too broad:

  • There are entire books devoted to your topic.
  • A search for your topic yields hundreds or even thousands of results, and they all seem relevant.

Indicators that the scope of your topic may be too narrow:

  • You can't find a book chapter related to your topic (even with the help of a librarian).
  • A search for your topic yields very few results, and very few seem relevant, and you've consulted with a librarian.