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CHEM 11H: SciFinder for Chemistry Honors (Suljak): SciFinder

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SciFinder provides access to Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) and MedLine databases including:

  • CAPlus: over 30 million documents dating back to 1907. Updated daily.
  • MedLine: over 17 million references. Updated 5 times per week.
  • Over 43 million organic and inorganic substances; over 60 million sequences. Updated daily.
  • Over 16 million single- and multi-step reactions.
  • Commercial availability, regulatory and patent information on chemicals.


Create your account! SciFinder Scholar Web Version requires users to complete a one-time registration, creating a username/password of their choosing. The email address entered at registration must have an extension, and you must be on campus (on the SCU network) when you register.


To Search by TOPIC:

Enter a topic of interest.

You can limit the results by specifying the year(s), document types, language(s), etc.

Specify only two or three concepts at one time. You can refine your search later with additional terms.

Include prepositions and articles to connect the concepts
Example: groundwater contamination by arsenic from mine drainage

Place synonyms in parentheses after the synonymous concept
Example: bone cells (osteocytes)

Note: SciFinder automatically searches related terms and substance names and considers alternate spellings and word endings when retrieving results. Boolean operators are not used and there are no truncation symbols, or proximity operators. 

ACS Style Guide