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New York City


1882 Mitchell Map of New York City (Wikimedia Commons); Night in Luna Park, Coney Island, 1905 (Detroit Publishing Co. Library of Congress); Rainy City Life in a Sea of Cabs (


Urbanization and the Natural World

L.A. Burning: The Riots 25 Years Later

Sometimes, a good documentary can  help you get an overview or refine your topic. Above are two examples.

Use the following databases to access hundreds of streaming videos:


ACADEMIC VIDEO ONLINE (available through 06/30)

Hist 12A - Civilization and the City

This course is an examination of the history of the city and its place in human experience from 1800 to 2011.  For your final research paper, you can choose a topic within one of the following frameworks:  Industrialization; national connections to urban space; suburban growth and power; city planning;  disease and/or dangers in city life; race, gender, and/or class in the city.  

This online research guide was created to help you find resources for your final  paper.  Use the tabs above to get information on how to find books, scholarly articles, and primary sources on your topic.  

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