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ENGL 2A Gomes Winter 2021

Browse and Find Ebooks

We have you covered for books -- there are more than 160,000 ebooks in the library.  Use them for identifying and exploring broad and deep conversations around your topic. Follow the instructions below.

Step 1:  Start your search for ebooks directly off the library homepage under the "streaming videos/ebooks" tab.  

Sample Search under the Ebooks tab off the library homepage. Try to words "racism higher education".

Step 2: Keep your search words focused on the big ideas or concepts. Use just a few essential words like "racism", "higher education",  or clinical intervention* (bias* OR racis*). 

Step 3: Once you find a title you like, connect to it by clicking on the "connect to this title online" box.

Sample ebook search

Other Ways to Use Books Remotely at SCU Library

As a remote learner, here are all the ways you can interact with and use books this academic year:

Find and Use eBooks: Follow these steps to find and use eBooks available at SCU Library.
Find and Use a Print Book - Pickup Service:  Follow these steps to find print books and arrange pickup at SCU Library.
Find and Use a Print Book - Mail Service:  Follow these steps to find a print book and have it mailed to your home (for free).
Find and Use a Book Chapter - Scanning Service:   Follow these steps to have a chapter of a book scanned for you.