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ENGL 2A: Retelling Fairytales (Leuner Winter 2020)

Example Primary Texts

Sleeping Beauty


Beauty and the Beast



The Ugly Duckling

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Erlking (Erlkönig)

Library Homepage

ENGL 2A Workshop

Workshop Goals Today

Welcome! In the workshop today, you will have the opportunity to:

  1. Explore scholarly literary criticism for your topics
  2. Develop different directions and ways of approaching your topics

Exercise 1: Explore Library Databases


  1. Find one potentially relevant article from a literature database (see "Find Articles"). 
  2. Find one potentially relevant book from the library catalog (see "Find Books").
  3. What did you become more curious about through searching and browsing these sources related to your topic?
  4. In several sentences, sum up anything have you learned so far about the scholarly conversation out there about your topic.

Respond to these questions here.

Exercise 2

Some databases were recommended under Find Articles. But usually when you're doing research for a class, you'll have to determine which database(s) to use on your own by judging what subjects it involves. 

So this step is a test!

Can you find a database off the library homepage that might relate to your topic?

(Hint: go to the Databases tab, then browse by a subject). 

Ex. Topic= The representation of women in fairy tales / Subject = women studies

Post your selections below

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