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RSOC 64: Comparative Religion and Environmentalism (Robinson-Bertoni Spr19)

Follow the data to find your topic

Learning Outcomes

In today's Research Session, you will:

  • Use both divergent (ideation) and convergent (focusing on one path) thinking in order to choose an environmental issue and religious/faith organizational focus for your research project.

  • Practice persistence, adaptability, and flexibility throughout your research process

Ideation Exercise: Think-Share + Post Ideas

In your groups, share out and discuss the different environmental issues you are individually or collectively considering. Specifically discuss the following:

  1. What are the different issues you're considering? 
  2. What have you learned from any initial background research on the topic. 
  3. How might that research refine your issue focus?
  4. What is the interest level in this topic within the group? Rank it.
  5. How do you think religious or faith organizations might respond to, influence, or advocate for your top ranked issue? Use the Padlet below to share your ideas with the class.


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Converge Exercise: Follow the data to find convergences

Use this Google Form Worksheet. You'll be emailed your answers when you turn it in and we'll share them with Professor Robinson-Bertoni.

Sample Search:Sample Search for RSOC 64

Thinking About Topic Scope

The scope of your topic may be too broad if:

  • A search for your topic yields hundreds or even thousands of results, and they all seem relevant

The scope of your topic may be too narrow if:

  • A search for your topic yields very few results, and very few seem relevant, and you've consulted with a librarian
  • You can't find data and statistics relevant to your topic