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RSOC 99: Sociology of Religion (Wright): Home

Sociology of Religion


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RSOC 99 - Sociology of Religion

Sociology of Religion:  Finding and Using Research & Data

In this course, you will be conducting a qualitative research project relating to your Arrupe community organization.  This guide is designed to support you in the process of contextualizing the social issue that your Arrupe organization addresses. 

This guide will help you: 

  • Tackle well known troublesome research concepts that students experience
  • Select appropriate database to explore your topic areas. 
  • Find and use academic/scholarly literature, background information, and data and statistics relating to the social issue.

Go to the "Getting Started" tab at the top to begin the exercises relating to this guide. There are two exercises that you will work through and complete by our library workshop on November 26 (1-2 pm, Library 205).

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