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SOCI 122: Applied Sociology Capstone

Applied Sociology Capstone

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Library Workshop Goals

Welcome! In these two part activities, you will have the opportunity to:


  • Develop and practice strategies for mapping capstone questions to databases.
  • Apply your new awareness of white papers (purpose, audience) by identifying one publisher and report
  • Identify strategies for growing your literature review (cited by, pearl growing, works cited)
  • Trace a scholarly conversation around one article of relevance that you identify


Workshop 1 Goal:


Find 2 research scholarly articles studying similar phenomena with respect to your social issue that you might use in your literature review. 

Workshop 1 Class Exercises

Workshop 2 Exercises and Materials

Exercise 1: Find an article you traced backwards or forwards using the Library journal title finder. 

Reference material today: Byrne, D. (2017). How do I write my literature review?. Project Planner. 10.4135/9781526408587.

Source Matrix & Example Matrix

Use the source matrix below to record information about your sources and organize your sources.

In the words of Malcolm Gladwell

From podcast "Obscure Virus Club" (August 2019):

Science is a social process. People within a field are in constant contact. They share notes, they gossip, they compete...