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SOC 153/175: Race, Class, Gender and Inequality: Home

Sociology 11A


Images courtesy of flickr users (in order of appearance): Ed Yourdon; Robert Soble; Sharon Drummond; United Nations Photo; K2D2vaca; and Wendell.

Identifying Keywords

Once you have developed your topic, identify the keywords you might use to search of information.  This video provides a helpful framework for developing keywords.

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Research is a Process

Thinking of research as a process will help you plan the phases of your search.  Most people start the process with questions, and gain more clarity as they begin reading and learning about their topic. This video explains the concept of research as a process in more detail.  

Research Guide

Sociology 153 & 175:  Race, Class, Gender & Inequality

This guide is designed to help you with your research project.  It will help you:

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