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A Guide to Santa Clara University Digital Collections

A brief guide to the university's digitized archival holdings


What are SCU Digital Collections?

SCU Digital Collections are collections of materials from Archives & Special Collections that have been digitized and put online. These digital files are faithful reproductions of the physical materials that are stored within Archives & Special Collections. 

We currently have over 50 digital collections uploaded. This is just a small portion of the total physical materials that are available for research at Archives & Special Collections. 

How do I find SCU Digital Collections? 

You can access SCU Digital Collections three ways -- via the library home page, the Archives & Special Collections home page, or with the direct URL

  1. From the library’s home page at, locate the horizontal menu at the top of the page, and hover your cursor over the word ‘Collections.’ In the drop-down menu that appears, select ‘Digital Collections.’ 
  2. Another way to access digital collections is from the Archives & Special Collections home page at From the Archives & Special Collections home page, scroll down to the middle of the page and locate the box that says ‘Digital Collections.’ Click the red button that says ‘Search All Digital Collections.’ 
  3. Finally, you can access Digital Collections by typing the url directly into your browser’s address bar. The url for Digital Collections is

What department controls SCU Digital Collections?

SCU Digital Collections was created and is maintained by the University's Archives & Special Collections, which is a part of the University Library. Archives & Special Collections is where the university keeps its archives, rare books, manuscripts, historic photos, artifacts, and much more. The primary point of contact for digital collections is the Digital Collections and Scholarship Librarian, Summer Shetenhelm. She can be reached at For general inquiries, users can email the entire Archives & Special Collections department at

Photo: Father Schoener inspecting an 8ft rose shoot, from the George M.A. Schoener Digital Collection.

List of All Available Collections