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ENGL 113: Writing Center Theory & Practice (Krane)

Find WLN

The publication WLN stands for "Writing Lab Newsletter" and is also more formally known as WLN: a journal of writing center scholarship. It is a trade publication published by the International Writing Centers Association in the United States.  It is a forum for exchanging ideas and information about writing centers in high schools, colleges, and universities. 

To find this publication:

 1. Access "Journals & Magazines" tab off the library homepage and type in its full name (Writing Lab Newsletter):


2. The results list shows you the SCU databases (and open sources) in which the journal is available. Education Source, the second option, is more current and will allow you to more easily search for articles (the first you can only browse issues, which I discovered when I opened it up).


3. Once in, you can browse through the issues or search across all of the issues.


4. In the search mode, enter your key concepts, for example, online tutoring (tutor* searches for all words sharing that root).