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FNCE 124: Investments (Professor Ku): Company Information


1. Within the industry, on the stock or company level, where can I find out analysts' opinions on the stock.

In the database Mergent Online, you have access to analyst reports from hundreds of investment banks, stock brokerages and independent research companies. 

2. Which database do you recommend that I find raw financial data (financial statements 10Q or 10 K) or computed financial ratios (P/E ratio, etc.)

The United States Security and Exchange Commission's EDGAR database is the primary source of 10-Q and 10-K reports. However, several databases have taken financial data from EDGAR and put it into table format for ease of use, Factiva and Mergent Online. 

3. Is there a database that allows me to compare multiple stocks, for example, comparing UPS vs. Fedex in terms of P/E ratio, market cap size, etc.? 

Market cap is available in Factiva. Ratios are available in the databases Factiva and InvestorEdge.

Instructions for getting to the financial data are below.


Company Information

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