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Evaluating News Sources (Carbonatto): Activities

Questions to Answer

Choose one source from the left box and answer the following questions. Write your answers in this padlet.

1. Is the information current?

2. Is the information presented:

  • Factual
  • Opinion / Analysis
  • Mix of factual and opinion/analysis
  • A different type of evidence
  • Cannot tell from limited information

3. What are the author's credentials? Did you find the information in your source or somewhere else?

4. From the limited information available, do you think this source is:

  • Highly biased
  • Moderately biased
  • Slightly biased
  • Unbiased

5. What is one strength of your source?

6. What is one weakness of your source?

7. How could you use this source in a research paper on the Bay Area housing crisis?