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ENGL 1A: (Jalal Winter 2021)

Introduction to today's class

For essays #2 and #3, you are asked to support your thesis with relevant scholarly articles (see page 4 of the syllabus, under Writing Assignments). You will also be asked to find relevant scholarly articles for your papers in your next Critical Thinking and Writing course, ENGL 2A, next quarter and, depending on your major, for many other assignments as you progress through your course of studies here at SCU.

Learning how to use the SCU Library resources available to you is a basic skill that you will be using during your entire course of studies. While learning to use these resources is not "rocket science," there are "tips and tricks," that, if you know them, will make your research more effective and efficient, and save you a great deal of time.

When students begin doing serious research for course assignments, the first question almost all of them ask is: Why use Library resources to obtain scholarly articles instead of simply using a free, public search engine such as Google, to find articles? After all, everything is available on the Internet, Google is simple to use, and the articles found are free.

Let's spend a couple of minutes discussing this before we get into the exercises.

During today's class you will be working on 3 Exercises:

Exercise 1: Come up with a thesis idea. This can be an idea you might like to write about for your Final Critical Paper, or something entirely new and not necessarily something you will be writing about. The important thing is that you develop a thesis idea - no matter how vague and tentative - that you can use for Exercises #2 and #3. 

Exercise 2: Use the SCU Library's OneSearch search engine to find scholarly articles relevant to your thesis idea from exercise #1. For this you will identify the important concepts in your thesis idea, and translate these concepts into keywords that can be used to search OneSearch

Exercise 3: Use one of the Library's journal databases to find scholarly articles relevant to your thesis idea. You will do the same thing as in exercise #2, but this time using one of the many journal databases available on the SCU Library's website.

Today's Learning Objectives

How to obtain help with your research 24/7, through SCU Library's Ask A Librarian service.

Be able to find relevant scholarly articles using SCU Library's OneSearch.

Be able to find relevant scholarly articles using SCU Library's journal databases.

OK. Let's get to the exercises.