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HIST 11A-12A: Transnational Migration (Gomez): Exercises

Everyone's Favorite - A Quiz!

If I want to find an overview of my topic, or some background information to help me narrow it down, I can use:
Wikipedia: 15 votes (65.22%)
A book: 0 votes (0%)
An encyclopedia or another reference book: 3 votes (13.04%)
A journal article: 5 votes (21.74%)
Total Votes: 23
To find books available at SCU, I should use:
Academic Search Complete: 8 votes (40%)
OSCAR: 10 votes (50%)
EbscoHost: 1 votes (5%)
Scholar Commons: 1 votes (5%)
Total Votes: 20
Which one of these statements does NOT describe a scholarly article?
It is peer reviewed: 1 votes (4.17%)
It is published in a magazine: 4 votes (16.67%)
It's written by an expert in the field: 1 votes (4.17%)
It is usually pretty long: 18 votes (75%)
Total Votes: 24
If I am searching in a database and want to use synonyms to describe an idea, I should:
Use the "AND" connector: 9 votes (47.37%)
Use the "OR" connector: 5 votes (26.32%)
Do multiple searches: 5 votes (26.32%)
Total Votes: 19
If my topic is Chinese immigration to America, which of these documents is a primary source?
A map of exit and entry ports: 3 votes (16.67%)
A book written by an expert in the field: 1 votes (5.56%)
An article published in Journal of American-East Asian Relations: 1 votes (5.56%)
A letter describing an immigrant's journey: 13 votes (72.22%)
Total Votes: 18