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HIST 30: The French Revolution: Images and Songs

Featured Source

Imaging the French Revolution: 
Depictions of the French Revolutionary Crowd

French Democrats surprizing the Royal Runaways. Published June 27, 1791
Source: Museum of the French Revolution 89.100


Images of the French Revolution (Stanford University and Bibliotheque Nationale de France)

​Use this database to find paintings of the Revolutionary era.  It contains more than 1.9 million high-quality digital images and reproductions of a wide range of works of art from all times and places throughout the world.  You can search by names of artists, or just do a search on "French Revolution".  

BERG Fashion Library
This database provides a wide range of information on dress and body adornment worldwide throughout history.   Do a search on "French Revolution" or for specific garments such as the "Phrygian bonnet", the "cockade", or the "sans culottes trousers" to learn fascinating things about these symbols of the revolution.


Revolutionary Songs (from the Liberty, Equality, Fraternity site)

-To learn more about the songs of the French Revolution, check out this e-book:

Singing the French Revolution: Popular Culture and Politics, 1787-1799