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ETHN 51: Intro to South Asian Experience in the U.S. (Nanda)

To Find Books on Your Author and Topic

The library catalog, OSCAR, is not particularly user friendly. However, it is very powerful and probably contains some very useful books and parts of books. Here are two types of search you will want to do with examples using Bharati Mukherjee as the subject.

Find books by your author by choosing to do an AUTHOR SEARCH:




To find works of criticism about an author, do an Advanced Search formatted like this:





You can also find additional books on the South Asian American experience by doing an Advanced Search formatted like the example below. Put that long OR phrase, parentheses includes, in one box. Then put in a word or phrase representing and idea in another box. If your "other idea" has logical variations, even plural, end it with an asterisk at the point where the word could change, as in stereotyp* (to pick up stereotype, stereotypes, stereotyping. Keep it simple and try different combinations!