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POLI 001: Introduction to U.S. Politics (Kerelian)

Sample Searches for Health Topics

Search 1: Should states require all K-12 children to be vaccinated for various diseases, including COVID-19?

Databases: Educations Source, ERIC, Global Health, Political Science Complete

line 1: elementary or secondary or kindergarten (select a field)
line 2: vaccin* (select a field)
line 3: mandat* or requir* or law or legislation or "executive order"

This search retrieved 108 peer reviewed citations. 

If you add a line 4: covid or coronavirus (select a field) to your search, you get 1 peer reviewed article that is not relevant. If you removed the peer reviewed requirement, you get 39 articles.

Search 2: Should local governments create more bike lanes in urban areas to promote health for their citizens?

Databases: Global Health, Political Science Complete

Line 1: government or law or legislation (select a field)
Line 2: bike or biking or bicycle (select a field)
Line 3: roads or lanes or traffic (select a field)

Line 4: health or "well being" (select a field)

This search retrieved 65 articles, 11 of which are peer reviewed.

You can also do this search in Worldwide Political Science Abstracts. Two general purpose databases (Academic Search Complete and OmniFile) might also be useful.