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PSYC 53: Statistics & Methods Practicum (Bell & Simone)

Normed Image Sets

These are sets of normed stimuli I found while searching. Perhaps some of them will be relevant for your projects.

  • Bank of Standardized Stimuli (BOSS)
  • Boston Naming Test (BNT)
  • The Cambridge Car Memory Test
  • The Geneva Affective Picture Database (GAPED)
    • A new 730-picture database focusing on valence and normative significance
  • The Hatfield Image Test (HIT)
    • A new picture test and norms for experimental and clinical use
  • International Affective Picture System (IAPS)
  • International Picture Naming Project
  • KAPODI: The Searchable Database of 364 Available Emotional Stimuli Sets
    • Found article in Google Scholar - available online via request
  • Open Affective Standardized Image Set (OASIS)
    • an open-access online stimulus set containing 900 color images depicting a broad spectrum of themes, including humans, animals, objects, and scenes
  • Snodgrass & Vanderwart set (1980)
  • Snodgrass and Yuditsky set (1996)
  • Validation of the C.A.R.E. Stimulus Set of 640 Animal Pictures: Name Agreement and Quality Ratings