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PSYC 178: Advanced Topics in Developmental Psychology (Bhagwat): Manage Your Research

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My EbscoHost

Using EbscoHost to Manage Your Research

The APA PscyInfo database offers a great opportunity to manage your research. You can place articles into a folder, save your searches, and create notes about your research. The information remains in a folder indefinitely so you can access it any time. You can create multiple folders (or sub folders) for different research projects.

Getting Started:

  1. In the blue tool bar, click on "Sign In"
  2. You will need to create an account the first time which only takes a minute or two.

Save Articles:

  • When viewing citations, click the "Add to Folder" button.

Export Articles:

  • You can export your citations to the RefWorks citation manager. RefWorks is listed on the Library's databases page. This can be a great aid in writing your papers.

Save Searches:

  1. Click on "Search History" located just under the search form
  2. Click "Save Searches / Alerts"
  3. Name your search and save

Create Notes:

  • When viewing a citation, click on the "Create Note" link on the right side of the page.

Retrieving Articles & Searches:

  • Click on "Folder" in the blue tool bar. In addition to a list of your articles, you will get these links on the left side of the page:

My EbscoHost is available in over 60 Ebsco databases to which the University Library subscribes.

Page last updated on January 4, 2022

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