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COMM 188A: Special Topics: Film

Activity Two

Please answer the following questions as you begin on your research project and write your responses in the appropriate padlet.

Last Name A - L Padlet

Last Name M - Z Padlet

1. Your Name

2. Which two films are you planning to evaluate in your paper? You can change this later if you choose.

3. Choose one film. Which database(s) are you searching for articles?

4. What is your initial search statement? (For example: line 1 - "watermelon woman" (Title)

5. How many articles did you retrieve?

6. How many articles are peer reviewed?

7. Look at a few of the relevant articles. What other terms are you finding that you can use for another search?

8. Is the fulltext of the article available in this database? If not, how can you get the fulltext?

9. What is the APA citation for this article?

10. What is the permanent link for this article?

11. Are you going to create an account and save relevant articles in a folder or are you going to email the articles to yourself?

12. How many articles have you found that are relevant for your topic?

13. What (if any) difficulties did you encounter in searching these databases?