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Election 2022: Register to Vote!

Question of the Month

Which party do you favor in the elections this year?

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You're the One That I Want
Cannot decide, they are all lovely: 0 votes (0%)
Democrats: 11 votes (73.33%)
Independent candidates: 1 votes (6.67%)
Other party: 0 votes (0%)
Republicans: 1 votes (6.67%)
A pox on all their houses: 2 votes (13.33%)
Total Votes: 15

Register to Vote in California

Voter Registration and Election Deadlines Outside California



California Voter Registration


Registration Deadline: ~ October 23, 2022
California General Election: November 8, 2022


Some of the items below will change as the elections near so check back occasionally to see the latest information.

Residency Requirements

Requesting a Mail-In Ballot

  • California: To request a mail-in ballot, contact the county election office where you plan to vote.
  • Outside of California, check with your state’s election office(s)

Drop Boxes / Mailing in Your Absentee Ballot 

In-Person Voting 

  • The address of your polling place is on the back page of the sample ballot booklet that your county elections official mailed to you. If you do not have the booklet, contact your county elections office, or call the Secretary of State's toll-free voter hotline at (800) 345-VOTE (8683).
  • Santa Clara County: Find your polling place (search by your residential address)
  • Other California Counties: County Election Offices

Voter ID

  • If you are voting for the first time, it is suggested that you bring an ID with you in case there are any questions regarding your registration. If you registered online, the polling workers might need to validate your identification. If you have voted before, no ID should be necessary.
  • State laws vary. If you are not from California, check the guidelines. Some states accept a student ID; others do not.


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