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Election 2022: CA Assembly

Party Symbols


CA Assembly Districts 23 & 24

District 23 (Campbell, Mountain View, Saratoga, etc.)

Marc Berman (D)
CA Assembly 2016 - present


Tim Dec (R)
Electrical Engineer


District 24 (Fremont, Milpitas, bit of San Jose)

Bob Brunton (R)
Small Business Owner


Alex Lee (D)
CA Assembly 2020 - present

CA Assembly Districts 25 & 26

District 25 (San Jose)

Ash Kaira (D)
CA Assembly 2017 - present


Ted Stroll (R)
State of California, Judicial Staff Attorney 1989 - 2015 (Retired)


District 26 (Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Cupertino)


Tim Gorsulowski (R)
Business Security Consultant


Evan Low (D)
CA Assembly 2014 - present

CA Assembly Districts 28 & 29

District 28 (Los Gatos, Morgan Hill, Santa Cruz, etc.)

Liz Lawler (R)
Monte Sereno Council Member & Former Mayor


Gail Pellerin (D)
Santa Cruz County Clerk 1993 - 2020


District 29

Stephanie Castro (R)
Former Teacher 


Robert Rivas (D)
CA Assembly 2018 - present