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POLI 142: Politics of the Middle East (Senzai): Sample Searches

Middle East Sample Searches

Here are some sample searches for Middle Eastern topics using the Political Science Complete (searches 1-4) and the Worldwide Political Science Abstracts databases (search 5). I limited each search to peer reviewed articles.

Search 1: Minority Religions in the Middle East

I searched Political Science Complete and the ATLA Religion database simultaneously for this topic. You can choose multiple databases by clicking on the "Choose Databases" link. This retrieved 49 peer reviewed citations.

Line 3: baha* or druze or alawit* or manich* or bábis* or yazid* or mandae* or yarsan* or samaritan* or shabak* or shik* or ali-illah* or alev* or yazdân* or zoroastrian* 

Search 2: Women in Saudi Arabian Politics


Search 3: Kurds in the Middle East

This search retrieved 256 peer reviewed articles.

Search 4: Form of Government in Lebanon

This search retrieved 47 peer reviewed citations.

Search 5: Water in the Middle East

This search retrieved 222 peer reviewed citations.

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