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ENGL 115: Argumentation (Billings)

Best Databases

Sample Searches

These searches use the first five databases listed above. You can select multiple databases to search simultaneously by clicking on "choose databases" above the search boxes.

Sample Search 1: Banning Books
Line 1: "elementary schools" or "public libraries" (Subject Terms)
Line 2: books or "library materials" (Select a Field)
Line 3: "age appropriate" or censor* or banning (Select a Field)

This search retrieved 653 citations of which 93 are peer reviewed.

Sample Search 2: Social Media and Freedom of Speech
Line 1: "social media" or "online social networks" or tiktok or instagram or facebook (Abstracts)
Line 2: "freedom of speech" or "hate speech" (Select a Field)
Line 3: legislat* or law or legal* or jurisprudence (Select a Field)

This search in the first three databases listed above retrieved 328 peer reviewed citations.