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CPSY 360: Latino/a Psychology

Bibliographic Citation Software

Bibliographic Citation Software allows you to organize your references easily and insert them into your paper as you write. Once you have the software installed, you can "Export" your citations directly from the database to your citation manager. Here are three options that are available.

A popular commercial product is EndNote which costs approximately $275 or you can purchase a student edition for around $150. If you plan to develop a research library to support your future clinical practice, this can be a really useful tool.

There are two free versions that will suffice for classwork.

  • EndNote Web - a free, less powerful version of EndNote
  • Zotero - register for your free account

In recent years, the University Library subscribed to the RefWorks software, but this is being phased out. If you have been using RefWorks, this guide will help you convert your citation information to Zotero.

Managing Your Research in PsycInfo

Using EbscoHost in APA PsycInfo

If you choose not to use a bibliographic citation manager, APA PsycInfo and other Ebsco databases offer excellent tools to aid your research process. You can place articles into a folder, save your search strategy, and find an APA citation for the article. The information remains in a folder indefinitely and you can create multiple folders for different research projects.

Getting Started:

  1. In the blue tool bar, click on "Sign In"
  2. You will need to "Sign Up" the first time; this only takes a minute or two.

Save Articles:

  • When viewing citations, click the "Add to Folder" button.

Save Searches:

  1. Click on "Search History" located just under the search boxes
  2. Click "Save Searches / Alerts"
  3. Name your search and save

Retrieving Articles & Searches:

  • Click on "Folder" in the blue tool bar. You will get links to your saved articles & searches.

How to Cite Your Article:

  1. Click on "Cite" on the right side of the screen.
  2. Choose the APA format
  3. Cut & paste this into your bibliography. However, sometimes there are errors, so make sure you check the citation for accuracy.