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MGMT 3512: Business Capstone - Professor Ji: Citing Sources

This guide is intended to assist students conducting research for their final capstone team project

Citing Sources

A link to the OWL website described below is at the bottom of the page.

If you need assistance with citing your sources, please contact me, or use Ask A Librarian to get immediate help when I am not available. Of course, you can always come to the Library's help desk to get help.

Please be mindful of unintended plagiarism: in today's "cut and paste" world it is all too easy to use ideas and wording from sources and forget to properly acknowledge them.

Excellent guidance on how to use various citation styles - for example, Modern Language Association (MLA) and America Psycological Association (APA) - is available on the Purdue University OWL website.

Below are examples of citing some electronic sources, including a report from a database and an article from a database.

1. Here is an example of citing and Industry report from the database IBISWorld. Note that MLA does not require a URL in a citiation.

Ulama, Darryle. "IBISWorld Industry Report 33411a: Computer Manufacturing in the US." IBSWorld, December 2014. Web. 11 Mar. 2015.

2. Here is an example of citing an article from the database Factiva in MLA format. Again, a URL is unnecessary.

Donohue, Bill. "The Search for Monsanto's Rogue GMO Wheat." Bloomberg Businessweek, 20 June 2013: n.p. Factiva. Web. 11 Mar. 2015.