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ENGL 181: Engineering Communications for Senior Design: Library Submission Process for Your Thesis

Information for engineering students working on their senior design (capstone) projects.

Library Submission Process for Your Thesis

Library Submission Process for Your Thesis

Each Senior Design Project must be described and documented in a written Design Thesis and, after having been approved by all advisors of the project and the department chair, submitted to the appropriate engineering department. (as defined below) for official Library submission.

Standard electronic format: one copy in PDF format.

Image PDFs or PDFs that rely on linked fonts rather than embedded ones are difficult to archive. For more information see this site:

Best practices for producing high quality PDF files.

Formal submission consists of:

1.     PDF file including both:

   a.   the signed, then scanned, signature page; and 

   b.   the body of the thesis, meeting departmental format requirements.

2.     Fully executed Student Thesis Publication Agreement, signed by EACH author of the thesis (See below for form).

  Submission Process:

1.     EACH author/team member of a Senior Design Project should agree to and sign the same completed Senior (Undergraduate) Student Thesis Publication Agreement which is available in the text box BELOW.

 2.     The completed and signed form should be submitted to the departmental administrative assistant to obtain the Dean's signature. After the Dean's signature is obtained, the administrative assistant will submit the form along with the PDF of the thesis to the library.

If you worked on an interdisciplinary project (as defined by those projects listed in an "interdisciplinary" session in the senior design conference program), then “appropriate engineering department” for submission is the Engineering Undergraduate Programs Office.

 3.     The department administrative assistant will:

            a.  Verify that they have been given a readable PDF of the Design Thesis, including the signed signature page, and that  each author has signed the correctly completed Senior (Undergraduate) Student Thesis Publication Agreement. The  department will contact the student(s) if there are any problems, and if not, will submit the publication agreement to  the Dean’s Office for the Dean’s signature.

            b.  After the Dean signs the publication agreement, it will be returned to the department, and the administrative  assistant will upload it with the electronic copy of the Senior Design Thesis to the Google Drive set up for this process.

4.   The University Library will retrieve both documents, and process the Senior Design Thesis for inclusion in Scholar Commons and the library catalog.


NOTE:  If any student wishes to obtain download statistics from their work that is uploaded to Scholar Commons, please provide a permanent email address (or your SCU email will be used by default if you don't specify which one) to Ray Scroggin at Ray will make it possible for you to continue to receive download statistics after you graduate.

Required Publication Agreement Form for Departmental Submission

A copy of this form should be completed and then signed by each member of your team.  Then it must be submitted along with your senior thesis following the directions above.  Note: Your department's administrative assistant will obtain the Dean's signature for you.