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EMGT 270/272: Effective Oral/Written Technical Communication (Conefrey): EMGT Journals

Communication skills--both oral and written--for technical managers.

How to find EMGT Journals

The best way to search for articles on the topic you need is to use the library's databases.

However, if you want to identify which databases have the most titles relevant to engineering management, go to the main library page, and in the box titled "Journals and Magazines," use the pull-down menu, and change "Title Begins With" to "Title Contains."  In the next box down, type in "engineering management," and click on the ">>" to search through the titles the library has access to.

The results will provide links to the database or databases you can use to search for articles in that journal.  If clicking on the only link provided connects you to the library catalog  (called OSCAR), that means the journal is in print format.