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SOCI 109: Sociology of Education (Nichols): Workshop 1- School & Community

Research guide for the students in SOCI 30

Finding Data & Statistics

In this course, you will explore data and statistics about the communities you will be working in.  Data and statistics are often available through government agencies or research agencies.  Today you will be exploring some sources of data and statistics about your own high school and community.  


Today you will explore school and community data for the school and community were you attended high school.

1. Download the worksheet below.

2.  Complete Part 1 for the high school you attended.

3.  Complete Part 2 for your home community.

School Data

Part 1:  School Statistics

In the first exercise you will find data about the high school you attended.  The source of your data will depend on type of school you attended (public, private or charter) and the state the school is located in.  Use the sources below to explore data about your own school.

California Public School Data

Other State Public School Data

International Education Data

Neighborhood Statistics

Part 2:  Neighborhood Statistics

Next you will find statistics about the community your grew up in.  To do this, access the American Community Survey address search tool below , enter the address of the home you were living elementary school, and complete the second portion of the worksheet.

United States
International (Optional)