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SOCI 109: Sociology of Education (Nichols): Workshop 2- Placement Community

Research guide for the students in SOCI 30

Critically Analyzing Data Exercise

To access the data for the class exercise click here.


Today you will explore school and community data for your placement site.

1. Retrieve the worksheet you submitted for your own high school and community.  You will be adding community data to this worksheet today.

2.  Complete Part 1 for a high school in your placement community.

3.  Complete Part 2 for your placement community.

  • Using Google, find the address for the school you are using and enter it in the ACS address search (linked below).
  • Select census tract for your initial data filter.
  • If the school/organization address does not work to retrieve the census tract, select a residential address very near the site.

School Data

Part 1:  School Statistics

In the first exercise you will find data about a public high school in your placement community.  To begin, enter the zip code and the phrase "public high school" in Google maps to find a public high school.  Use the sources below to explore data about that high school.

Neighborhood Statistics

Part 2:  Neighborhood Statistics

Next you will find statistics about your placement community.  To do this, access the American Community Survey address search tool below , enter the address for the high school you are using (or a nearby residential address), and complete the second portion of the worksheet.