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WGST 12A- C&I II: Women in Transnational Perspective (Sharangpani / Lodhia): Background Information

To get an overview of your topic

To get an overview of your topic from different perspectives,  or to get some background information to be able to narrow down your topic,  you can use reference sources.  Start with the following databases which provide access to  hundred of online encyclopedias and reference sources.  

GALE Virtual Reference Library

CREDO Reference

Country Information

To find information and statistics on a particular country, use the following database:


A good documentary could help you explore your topic.
Search KANOPY, a database of streaming videos, for relevant titles.

Below are some examples of what's available:

Mothers of Bedford: Women in Prison

Freedom for Birth: Women's Rights in Childbirth

The Illusionists: The Globalization of Beauty

Red Light, Green Light: Prostitution and Sex Trafficking