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Government Information : FAQ

Government Documents FAQ

What are Government Documents?

A government document is a publication issued, published or financed by a government agency.
Such agencies may be:

  • international
  • national
  • state
  • regional
  • county
  • local 

In addition to typical government documents such as laws, congressional hearings, and court reports, there are a variety of materials on a wide range of topics.

These include: 

  • census data
  • crop reports
  • educational reports
  • environmental studies
  • industrial surveys
  • health information
  • marketing research
  • legal materials
  • statistics
How Do I Find Government Documents?

Many items are listed in OSCAR. Please ask Library Help Desk staff if you need assistance. Increasingly, government information is available online and the Library receives fewer publications in print. Some titles can be accessed from a link in the library catalog.

Can I Checkout Government Documents?

Yes, most government document materials circulate for six weeks. Reference materials and periodicals do not circulate, but users may make photocopies.

Where is the Government Documents Collection Located?

Most government documents are in the Automated Retrieval System (ARS). Some documents are on open shelves - the library catalog will indicate a Government Documents Lower Level location. If you aren't sure where the title you need is located, ask at the Library Help Desk.

How do I get more help?

Please feel free to ask Library staff for assistance. Many users will need additional help in order to find and use Government Documents effectively.