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POLI 002: Introduction to Comparative Politics (Curry)

Key Statistical Sources

You will OFTEN find what you need in the sources here if you use them carefully and thoughtfully! READ THE FINE PRINT. Beyond that, check out the sources listed in the Statistical Resources part of the How to Find Country Information research guide. Do NOT try to find valid statistics by Googling. You'll waste a whole lot of time!

And, it's often easier to use a PRINT source like the Europa World Year Book or the Statesman's Yearbook

General Tips

A Few Important Tips


ONE: Be SURE TO READ the FINE print describing the statistic and its scope, limits, etc. This critical information may be in footnotes.


TWO: Are you sure what that statistic is saying? A good source of definitions of statistics for novices is:


THREE: Be alert to comparing data from different sources or over time -- you might end up inadvertently comparing apples to oranges. I can assure you Professor Curry will notice that, and she won't like it!