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POLI 002: Introduction to Comparative Politics (Curry)

Searching for articles

Following the instructions on the "Searching for the 3 types of articles" tab in this research guide, search both Proquest Social Sciences Premium Collection and Political Science Complete databases for 2 articles, representing 2 different TYPES that you could use for your upcoming paper. The articles you select MUST meet the following criteria:

  1. Be at LEAST 3 pages long.
  2. Be identified correctly (by YOU)  as one of the 3 types we just discussed.
  3. Be properly posted in the padlet which means that the posting must include:
  • Your name.
  • The correctly identified TYPE.
  • The document URL which you will find in the ABSTRACT/DETAILS view of the article in the Proquest database or the PERMALINK from the right column in the EBSCO database.
  • A complete APA citation to the article blocked-and-copied from the pop-up APA citation the database gives you when you click on th link that will appear when you click on an article title to see the complete record in Proquest or the right column in EBSCO.