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POLI 002: Introduction to Comparative Politics (Curry)

Which is Which?

First Challenge

Now that you've all done those tutorials, let's see what you learned! Working in pairs (2 brains are better than one!), look at the articles linked below and decide which of the three types each of them is. Record your decision on THIS PADLET. Include your names and be sure to argue logically for your decision.


Chamorel, P. (2019). Macron Versus the Yellow Vests. Journal of Democracy30(4), 48–62. doi:org/10.1353/jod.2019.0068


Mazeaud, A., & Nonjon, M. (2020). The participatory turn in local policies: A product of the market. Governance33(2), 407–424. doi:/10.1111/gove.12439


Gobry, P.-E. (2017). Seeking Signs of a Catholic Revival in France. America216(8), 26–31.


Caldwell, C. (2018, Jun 25). France learns a hard lesson about immigration. The Weekly Standard, 23, 10-11.


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Can you find the fulltext?

Second Challenge

You will be searching for articles in two different databases. Not every entry is going to include a PDF of the article. Let's test your powers of observation now. Click on the link here to such a database record. Follow the logical path to get a PDF of that article. Post a link to the PDF on THIS PADLET.

Simonet, D. (2018). Reforming the French health-care system: the quest for accountability. International Review of Administrative Sciences, 84(3), 503–519.

The search begins . . .

Third Challenge

Using what you just learned and your wits and cleverness, find ONE good article to share with us. Post what you found on the padlet below. Be sure to provide all the requested information. Look at my example! 

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