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Ethnic Studies Research

Recommendations of sources for this field.

Ethnic Studies Specialized Databases

Key Journals to Consult

While there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of periodicals that have articles relevant to research on Native Americans, the ones listed here are of great importance to the field, and every student should get to know them.

Alternatives and Augmentations to Wikipedia

Below are the research encyclopedias that all students doing research on Native Americans should know about. You should always begin your research in them.

Which Database Should You Use?

Ethnic Studies is such an interdisciplinary field that you need to really think about the specific topic you are researching carefully to decide the best database to use. Read the descriptions here carefully.

For current issues type information and to search the ethnic PRESS (mostly magazines whose audience is people in a specific ethnic group), Ethnic Newswatch is the way to go!

If you are just beginning to explore your topic, a good database to explore in is Omnifile.

If your research has a historical angle or cultural life of America angle, you should be sure to explore America: History & Life.

Many, many aspects of ethnic studies research are SOCIOLOGICAL ("... the science of society, social institutions, and social relationships..." according to in nature or perspective. There is a huge sociology database called, suprisingly, Sociological Abstracts.

And, if your topic has to do with women in particular, you need to search Women's Studies International.

If you researching an author or literature, then you will need to tackle the MLA Bibliography.

Does your research have anything to do with Art? Then you will need Art Index and maybe Artbibliographies Modern.