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ETHN 51: Intro to South Asian Experience in the U.S. (Nanda): Immigrant History Sources

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The three articles below are from "Asian American Society: An Encyclopedia".  They  will give you an overview on the different waves of  South Asian immigration in the U.S, the identity issues South Asians faced in their new country, and South Asian Literature in the U.S..

South Asian Immigration

South Asian Identitiies

South Asian Literature


South Asian American Digital Archive

South Asian American Digital Archive

This archive documents, preserves and provides access to the history of the South Asian American community.  You can browse the archive by themes, subjects, or time periods.


Immigrant History Sources


To find  information on the history of a particular immigrant group in the U.S.  (immigration waves, acculturation and assimilation, culture and politics, etc.), use the following reference sources.