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ETHN 51: Intro to South Asian Experience in the U.S. (Nanda): Find Books

Quick Links

To Find Books on Your Topic:


Just do an author search in  OSCAR  to find out if we have works written by your author.  

Works of criticism about an author are easy to find in OSCAR, our online catalog, by doing a Subject search. Type your author's name, surname first (for example — Mukherjee, Bharati). OSCAR will now tell you how many books, DVDs, etc. we have about the author. Look especially for the ones that say "Criticism and Interpretation " after your author's name.

You can also find additional books on the South Asian American experience by doing a keyword search in oscar.  For example:

South Asian American* and gender

Be sure to check the locations of the books in OSCAR.  Some books are located in the ARS (Automated Retrieval System) and you need to request them; others are in the book stacks on the lower level of the library.

Selected Books on the South Asian Diaspora  in the U.S.:

Transnational Migrations:  the Indian Diaspora

Work roles, Gender Roles, and Asian Indian Immigrant Women in the United States

 A part, yet apart : South Asians in Asian America

The South Asian Americans

Between the Lines:  South Asians and Post-Coloniality

The Karma of Brown Folk

Negotiating Tradition, Becoming American:  Family, Gender, and Autonomy for Second Generation South Asians

How to Be South Asian in America:  Narratives of Ambivalence and Belonging


Missing : youth, citizenship, and empire after 9/11

Unruly immigrants : rights, activism, and transnational South Asian politics in the United States

Our Feet Walk the Sky:  Women of the South Asian Diaspora