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ETHN 51: Intro to South Asian Experience in the U.S. (Nanda): Choose an author

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Choose an  Author:

Below are some sources that can be helpful to identify South Asian American authors.

The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Asian American Literature:

In the first volume of this encyclopedia, there is a guide (starting page xi) where you can find a list of authors of South Asian origin.  There are listed under "Indian American Literature" and also under "South Asian American Writers". 

Ethnic American Literature

South Asian Writers in English

Asian American Novelists


Asian American Playwrights

Asian American Poets

Asian American Short Story Writers

Historical Dictionary of Asian American Literature and Theater

Living in America:  poetry and Fiction by South Asian American Writers

List of South Asian American Authors (from Wikipedia)

If at this point you are only trying to choose an author, there is nothing wrong with consulting this list of South Asian American authors on Wikipedia.  You can get more information on each author by clicking on the links.  This list is part of a larger list of Indian Americans prominent in many walks of life.  If you want to write about a person who is not a literary author, you can scan through other parts of the entire list to get ideas of someone you would like to write about.