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POLI 192: Negotiation and Mediation of International Conflicts (Curry)

INCORE & Uppsala Exercise

10 Quality Minutes Activity

Spend some time quality time with INCORE and Uppsala (linked and briefly described in the Tab labeled Unique Resources on Conflicts). Explore both tools with your individual project in mind and "discover" a very important reason to use one of those tools. What can you get from that tool ... critical pieces of information, types of information, things that will help you with this research project? Sell it to us by posting about it on the padlet below.

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Find a Book? YES!

Following the example given in class, search OSCAR for a recent book on your country/conflict. Paste the 

along with the following information about the best book you can find on the padlet below:

  • the author's credentials for writing this book or specific chapter; & 
  • the most interesting or intriguing information about the book you find on Amazon or the publisher's webpage for the book;
  • a review of the book.

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Journal Articles R 4 U

Following the example in class, post the following information about AT LEAST one really excellent scholarly article from either of the two databases demonstrated in class on the padlet below:

  • APA formatted citation to the article;
  • Durable or Permalink to the article;
  • Brief information on the author;
  • Brief description of the journal.

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