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iPad & Kindle: Policies

A guide for the University Library's Tablet Lending Program

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Checkouts, Holds, Renewals, and Overdues

  1. This program is only offered to current SCU students, faculty and staff.
  2. Available tablets are first come, first serve.
  3. A hold may be placed on a tablet when none are available and it will be held for 2 days max once it's available for pickup.
  4. Holds and additional checkouts are not allowed if the borrower already has the same type of tablet currently checked out.
  5. iPads have a 3 week checkout period, Kindles have a 6 week checkout period.
  6. In addition to having the tablet checked out on his or her account borrowers must sign a borrowing agreement at checkout.
  7. Tablets can be renewed one time. Additional renewals require bringing the tablet to the Library Help Desk. If there are no holds, we can check it back out again.
  8. Tablets not returned by the third overdue notice will result in a block on your library privileges.
  9. Further delays in returning a tablet will result in a bill for the replacement.

Replacement & Repair Costs

  1. iPad replacement cost is $400, and Kindles are $200.
  2. Borrowers should not attempt to replace or repair a lost, damaged, or malfunctioning tablet or its accessories without immediately reporting the problem to library staff (, 408-554-5240).
  3. Borrowers will be responsible for replacement or repair cost, if the tablet is not returned on time and in perfect working order.
  4. Borrowers will be billed $100 to replace the following tablet accessories:
  • ​Apple 20W USB power adapter
  • Apple 30-pin to USB cable
  • Amazon Kindle 9W power adapter
  • Micro USB cable (for Kindle)

Tablet Settings & Content

  1. Any personal information or downloaded materials will be erased from the tablet once it is returned.
  2. We will not save or transfer any information or content.
  3. Borrowers should create their own backups before returning the tablet.