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ENGL 1A/2A: LEAD Critical Thinking & Writing (Michalski)

Frustration Model

Successful Model

Model of Research Process

Find a GREAT encyclopedia article!

Subject encyclopedias are great places to get an overview of your topic. They will give you the BIG PICTURE, some HISTORY and BACKGROUND. They will also give you some LANGUAGE and may lead you to some additional resources.

Be creative in searching them. Just searching in these two encyclopedia article databases and browsing the results will help you narrow/focus.

These sources all will provide you with a MLA FORMATTED CITATION to the article and a STABLE(PERMANENT) URL. Block and copy that to send the article to yourself.  Credo works like Google. Gale eBooks is a little more complicated but has some fabulous articles. You can download a 1-page PDF of instructions below.

Unlike wikipedia, you almost always get a named author for each individual article, and the people selected to author these articles are generally well-known authorities in the subject. 

Find at least one encyclopedia article to read to help formulate a good research question!

Using the instructions in the box above try out both of those encyclopedia databases. Find AT LEAST ONE article you can read to help you find that great research question! Post your name, an MLA formatted citation and a link to your choices in the padlet below.

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