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ENGL 1A/2A: LEAD Critical Thinking & Writing (Michalski)


You just did 2 tutorials .... Meet Your Virtual Library and You Say Journal.

Let's see what you remember . . .

Work with your partner to answer the questions on the Google form linked below.

What you are going to read first!

Use OneSearch now to find TWO periodical articles to read to help you find a good inquiry question. A couple of searching tips:

  • Make sure you limit the results to .
  • Do not just click on the PDF in the Results list ... instead, click on the article title to get more information before deciding if you like the article!

In addition to your NAME, post the following information about each of the articles on the Padlet linked below:

  • a working URL/Permalink (find in the column to the right of the abstract);
  • a citation in the format of your choice;
  • what type of periodical the article is in (scholarly, popular, professional or commentary);
  • something about the author (just the first one if there is more than one).

Finally, add a thoughtful sentence or two about why you selected these two in particular to help you with focusing your research question.


Articles to develop a research question!