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MGMT 3502: Building and Leading High-Performance Teams and Organizations - Professor Francine Gordon: How to Find Articles

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Finding Articles in Business Source Complete

Business Source Complete (BSC) is a powerful research tool used by thousands of professionals around the world. It will help you find articles on your topic should you choose to create an annotated bibliography. The main thing to keep in mind when searching BSC is that unless you separate your search words with an "and" or and "or" it will search the words you enter as an exact phrase.

For example, if my topic is the role of the manager in a team, if I enter the search words,

teams role of manager

BSC will search for this exact phrase ... and probably not find anything since this is an ungrammatical phrase. So, what I would do is enter my search words as,

teams and role of manager

which tells the search engine to find articles that have the word "teams" and the phrase "role of manager." You may also limit your search by date and language

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