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SCU Library Assessment Surveys

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Access University Library survey data and reports.

SCU Library Surveys

The University Library periodically administers surveys to assess student and faculty perceptions of library resources and services.  Surveys play an important role in planning and evaluation.  

LibQUAL+ Survey

The University Library Administers the LibQUAL+ survey approximately every three years.  The LibQUAL+ survey helps library staff solicit, understand, and act upon users’ opinions of service quality. The program’s centerpiece is a rigorously tested Web-based, nationally-normed survey that helps library staff assess and improve library services. LibQUAL+ measures user perceptions of service quality in three dimensions:

  • Affect of Service addresses how well library employees provide library services.
  • Information Control focuses on a library's collections (physical and electronic), Website, and online tools that enable users to access needed resources.
  • Library as Place focuses on the quality of library facilities.

LibQUAL+ was administered at Santa Clara University in 2003, 2006, 2009 & 2014.  We anticipate another administration in 2017.  View the results of LibQUAL+ surveys at SCU here.  

Ithaka S+R Faculty Survey

In November 2015, the University Library administered the Ithaka S+R Local Faculty Survey.  This survey is an instrument designed to gather information to provide greater insight into faculty needs and viewpoints related to faculty research, student research skills, and information resources. The survey covers five major topics, including:

  • Discovery & access
  • Scholarly communications
  • Research practices, including data curation​
  • Student research skills
  • The role of the library

Results from this survey will be available here in winter 2016.  To learn more about the Ithaka S+R Local Faculty Survey, visit Ithaka's website.