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ELEN Grad Students: Finding Masters/PhD Theses in the Library

Library resources to support this class.

Finding Recent Masters/PhD Theses in Scholar Commons

The University Library recently started accepting both Masters and PhD theses in electronic format only.  They are now part of Scholar Commons, SCU's institutional repository. These can be found using the Library Catalog OR to browse through the collection of more recent graduate theses click on this link:

Finding Masters/PhD Theses via the Library Catalog

To check if the Masters/PhD thesis you need is available:

1)  Go to the library's home page.

2)  Click on "OSCAR - Library Catalog."

3)  Click on "Advanced Search."

4)  To see the entire list for a department (example): Type in "Mechanical Engineering" in the box after Find.  Or if you know the title or author of the thesis, type those keywords in the search box and use the pull-down menu (change "Any Field" next to the search boxes) to specify a title or author search.

5)  In the Optional Search Limits/Sorts box, use the Location limiter and scroll down to select "University Library SCU Theses."

6) Click on the "Submit" button to do your search.