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PSYC 140: Behavior Analysis (Bell): Managing Your Research

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Managing Your Research

Citing Your Sources

I have never met anyone who jumps up and down with joy when it comes to creating a bibliography. This tip might though!

  1. On the right side of the screen, click on Cite
  2. Choose the APA format
  3. Cut & paste the citation into your bibliography. Caution: Sometimes there are errors, so make sure you check the citation for accuracy.
  4. If necessary, modify the font and size to be consistent with the rest of your paper.

Using EbscoHost in PsycINFO

The PsycINFO database offers a great opportunity to manage your research. You can place articles into a folder, save your searches, and create notes about your research. The information remains in a folder indefinitely, so you can access it any time. You can create multiple folders for different research projects.

Getting Started:

  1. In the blue tool bar, click on "Sign In"
  2. You will need to sign up for an account the first time which only takes a couple of minutes. 

Save Articles:

  • When viewing citations, click the "Add to Folder" button.

Save Searches:

  1. Click on "Search History" located just under the search boxes
  2. Click "Save Searches / Alerts"
  3. Name your search and save

Create Notes:

  • When viewing a citation, click on the "Create Note" link on the right side of the page.


  • The URL for the page is a temporary one. If you want a stable link, click on Permalink on the right side of the page. You can embed this link in a paper/presentation or send it to someone.

Retrieving Articles & Searches:

  • Click on "Folder" in the blue tool bar. In addition to a list of your articles, you will get these links on the left side of the page:

My EbscoHost is available in over 60 Library databases.

Page last updated on March 14, 2022

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