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Company Background Information

Your search for articles will only be as good as your search statement so make sure your search statement is well constructed.

Constructing a Search Statement in Factiva and Business Source Complete

1. There are two operators you must use when constructing a search statement when you have have more than one search word in your seach statement:

AND - allows you to combine terms: cocoa AND child labor (using AND narrows your search)

OR - allows you to include similar terms: child labor OR slave labor (using OR broadens your search)

You may combine AND and OR in a search statement: cocoa AND (child labor OR slave labor) (when AND and OR are used together, the OR terms must be put in parentheses.

If you do not use an AND command or OR command between words, the search will be for the exact phrase, for example: if you enter "cocoa child labor," it will be searched as an exact phrase

2. There are two SYMBOLS that are useful in constructing a search statement in both Factiva and Business Source Complete:

* - truncation symbol indicating that all words beginning with the root word should be searched for, e.g., child* will search for child, childless, children, etc.

(  ) - parentheses are used when you have more than one OR command in a search statement that includes the AND command. For example, chocolate and labor and (child or slave)

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