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POLI 145: Politics of Former Communist States (Curry)

An Exercise to JumpStart Us; i.e. Question 1

Starting Out . . . Question 2

 I know if it were me, I'd want to begin with a good book on my country. Using the features of the OSCAR Advanced Search, identify a recent e-book that will provide you with critical historical and general social, cultural, political, economic, etc. information. When you have selected a book, block-copy the Permanent Link. You will need it in answering Question 2


Elections; or, Question 3

Notice the tab in this guide for Election information. There are two resources there you should become familiar with. To assist you in this endeavor, I have created Question 3!

Democracy Measures; or, Q4

The first two resources listed under the Democracy tab here issue reports on countries annually. They are both very highly respected, and the information in them should be very useful to you. Read the short information about them in this guide. Then go to both sites and look for the most recent report on your country and then post your answers to the two questions on this Q4 Padlet:

ONE Explore the Freedom House site for the report on your country. Find the Profile for your country. Then, post a link to that profile as well as your country's Total Score and Status (e.g. 32, not free). Then look at the 2017 scores (seems to be the earliest typically available). Are things getting better or worse or staying the same?

TWO Look at the information on your country from the Bertelsmann Transformation Index site. Find the most recent report on your country as a PDF. Block-copy the web address for the PDF and post it.

Some Great Articles; or, Q5

After some thoughtful searching, employing all the tips-tricks for searching political science databases given under that tab on this guide and in the demo I did, find one article useful for your research project. Then post the following information about that article on this Q5 Padlet:

  • Use the citing tools in the database to get an APA citation to the article and then block-copy it to the padlet.
  • Post a link to the PDF (if it is from EBSCO, be sure to get a PERMALINK).
  • Browse the article for information about the author(s). It might be on the last page of the PDF. Find out with what department of what university (most likely) the LEAD author is affiliated and post that.
  • Now visit the journal's homepage. Post the following information about the journal:
    • in what country is it published?
    • how long has it been published?
    • what is the scope of its coverage (you can probably just block-copy this from an About Us page)?

BONUS Fun with Factiva

Following the instructions and example under the Finding Opinion Poll News tab as your guide, find an article of some real substance about a recent opinion poll related to the political situation in your country. Block-and-copy the title of the source newspaper/magazine, the headline, the date and byline, when applicable, into the Q6 padlet.